Florida Private Investor Real Estate Funding

Financing options for investment properties, large acreage farms, commerical properties, condos, Bridge Loans and SBA Loans. 

Hard money lending is a niche service we provide to our friends and clients all across Florida. “Hard money” is a great lending solution in which private lenders calculate their loan amount on based on “hard” or real assets that you may already own or are planning to purchase. It’s a valuable resource for both investors and borrowers, now more than ever. Shoppers who may not qualify for financing with national banks and lenders may find that private lending is their only option to get the funding they need immediately.

Realtors: Maybe your client’s tax returns don’t reflect a substantial income or they just don’t have the credit to get conventional financing. We always exhaust all lending options, but for some private lending may be their only option. We have access to millions of dollars that our lenders are looking to place and we work with investors that WANT to lend!

Consumers: We understand today’s tightened credit market and the unwillingness of banks to lend money. We also understand that over the last few years a lot of good people with previously outstanding credit have struggled financially. We want to help! If you are in a position where banks won’t finance you, but you have equity or collateral and have the ability to support a loan payment, Allstate Mortgage Private Lending may be the solution. We have private lenders in Ocala and abroad willing to finance you when the banks can’t. A fixed 10-12% interest rate may seem high, but it is easily outweighed by the fact that you can access the money now! Perhaps you have found the right property and now is the time to make it your own! Maybe a pressing circumstance is requiring you to access cash from your house, or maybe you just don’t want to increase the taxable liability on your income. There are many reasons why paying a higher interest rate makes sense, and for qualified customers we can lend this money out up to 80% Loan to Value, or purchase price. Private money with only 20% down on purchases and most credit and income accepted. Besides offering private investor funding, we also offer all of the USDA/VA/FHA programs and  up to 103.5% Financing on qualified properties. Yes, we can do that!

It is extremely important to us that we put our clients on the path of success and we will always give you all of your options, as well as a realistic expectation of when you can refinance institutionally. We can help you with repairing your credit and answer your questions so that you feel confident in your decisions. We also don't charge any upfront or application fees, so there is absolutely no risk to call us and see what we can do for you!

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